May 5, 2024

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Hiding water tank using wire and ivy


If you are having trouble blending your tank into its surrounding environment, you could conceal it altogether. Encasements and screens work well to do this and help to make sure that the tank isn’t completely blocked from being accessed but blocked from view. You can get some beautiful decorative metal screening that can hide your tank and create a lovely backdrop for your garden. They come in many different patterns, finishes and colours. No one even needs to know there is a tank behind there.
If you decide to have an encasement you can hide the take behind it and have a gate there so you can access the tank if needed. This will ensure children and pets are kept away from the water tank, as there are often large water pumps in action that can pose a hazard.
Instead of simply putting up a screen why not make it a feature?  Time to get creative and turn that eyesore spot into something beautiful with some lovely plants to set in the scene.

Just by using some wirework trellis and screening, you can create a beautiful backdrop for your garden that will also hide your water tank.

Two-panel wire trellis for plants

This is a wire panel that will support plants. It will not only protect your plants from pests by keeping them off the ground it will also hide your water tank. It has large grid openings shall you need to harvest any fruit or vegetables. It works well for flowering vines like passionfruit and ivy. You can use this type of wire trellis against a wall or it can be angled around a circular shape like a water tank which can help to maximise space in your garden. The trellis is powder-coated and offers great support for once your plants are established. It folds flat for transportation to.

Pasture fence

Two-panel chicken wire trellis

This is a versatile wire trellis that will support climbers like ivy, peas and passionfruit. You can install this wire at any angel shall you want to create a certain shape along with metal display stands. It has an antique finish which is all hand-painted with a more farmhouse style to it. Certain plants like ivy work well when it comes to using chicken wire trellis to hide your water tank. Ivy grows fast and will spread like crazy, so it won’t take too long for you to see the water tank starting to become a beautiful view in your garden. you can be assured the chicken wire trellis will last due to the fact it is powder-coated.

  • Chicken wire trellis is a versatile space to grow climbers
  • Modular circle design so you can get creative with styles and designs
  • You can use the pieces in a single manner or join together to create different configurations
  • Multiple sets can be joined together

Wire trellis is like nothing you have seen before. It is fun, versatile and lets you create a beautiful ivy backdrop for your garden that also serves as hiding your water tank from view.
Pinterest has some great designs for how you can set-up your wire trellis and train the ivy to grow in the pattern that you want it to grow.