May 5, 2024

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Polishing furniture the right way

interior furniture

Every wooden furniture in a house has to be taken care of properly be it a drawer, table, bed frame, cupboard, wardrobe, etc. It also applies to wooden piano.

They must all be maintained properly so that it will remain strong just like the day it was made.

Also, if the furniture is not maintained properly, it does not only affect the appearance, but also the functionality. The bad thing is that unkempt furniture is much less useful than neat wooden furniture because it will be dry, have a lot of cracks, and will eventually wear or tear.

The common mistakes when polishing a piece of wooden furniture are very easy to avoid. It is painful people do too much especially when they not following the basic precautions while trying to polish or revarnish their furniture.

The truth is if you do not know what you need in terms of materials, time, and the right steps, you will get many mistakes when you rush into it quickly.

Take the time to visualize, research, and pay attention to the processes that you have already completed. Impatience that competes to the end can give you a bad and exhausting result.

Room furniture

Here are common mistakes and basic guidelines for caring for wooden furniture and its varnishing (cleaning and polishing).


This is a common error most people don’t observe before polishing wooden furniture. Polishing a rough wooden surface will not yield a good result.

The surface must be thoroughly cleaned before polishing. Sometimes after cleaning you may find out that all parts just merely need retouching, so this work alone will save you hours of stress.

Thoroughly clean the surface with a wax cleaner to get a better result.


Applying too many thick layers on the furniture produces unattractive results and will prolong the time you are to finish the work.

Resist the tendency to apply a lot of coats at the same time while polishing or when you want to revarnish.

After you apply the first coat, allow it to dry before you apply another.

Instructions about time intervals are written on the product container.


Failure to remove old varnish or paint before polishing is also a common mistake. If you decide to remove varnish, always make sure the old coating or paint is completely removed.

If the stains remain, the surface will look unpleasant when you are done polishing.

Since the wood can be dry, keep the surface moist, and use a remover that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Prepare the surface of a new layer by completely removing the layer before sanding.

A stripper is a tool or chemical used to remove old paintings on the furniture,

If the stripper is taking a long time to work, you will have to scrape the old layer yourself. You must be sure that the painting comes off easily before you start removing it.

If you are finding it difficult to remove the old painting, then you must use the stripper for a better result, even though it will take a longer time.


If you don’t sand the furniture properly, the surface won’t be smooth enough for polishing.

You must use the sandpaper properly because proper sanding produces a very nice and smooth finish. Use the right grit of sandpaper for the best result.


Part of the mistakes people make when they want to revarnish their furniture is when they neglect to check for any possible repairs on the furniture.

Make sure you check if there is a need for repair on the furniture before sanding and painting. This will make your furniture more attractive.