May 5, 2024

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Why Use Spotted Gum Flooring

spotted gum flooring

Spotted Gum synthetic rubber floors look like solid wood with added attributes and benefits. When you find that speckled chewing gum is used in flooring products, you can enjoy both the natural durability of the hardwoods and the high-quality finish of the finished slabs. Sometimes referred to as a spotted rubber band, this wood is one of the most durable flooring options available. It is a naturally tough, tough and durable wood, making it an ideal wood for a variety of exterior, interior and structural uses, including spotted gum cladding.

It is also a cheaper option than hardwood and hardwood floors. Engineered floors use wood veneer on a less expensive plywood base. The hardwood floors use real slick rubber sourced from Australia with durable floorboards that can stand the test of time. Plus, solid wood provides an authentic speckled rubber look, as alternatives like laminate and hybrid floors don’t use natural wood in their construction.

Our hardwood floors use Spotted Gum on the top layer and multiple composites and resilient layers underneath, so they are indistinguishable from a whole Spotted Gum, hardwood plank. Stained chewing gum is very commonly used in many interiors, including furniture, panelling, panelling, and wood floors. Given its tough nature and termite resistance, Spotted Gum wood can be used comfortably in a wide variety of applications. Some of the other benefits of Spotted Gum decking include that it is a dense wood with a Yankee hardness of 11, making it very scratch and impact resistant.

Speckled rubber is one of Australia’s native hardwoods. It has an eye-catching appearance and a high degree of natural durability and strength, making it an ideal choice for a variety of structural, external and internal applications. Speckled rubberwood has a wide range of uses, including corrugated cardboard, cornices, siding, pavilions, floors, and so on. A popular choice for natural wood flooring, Corymbia maculata is a hardwood species that grows in open coastal forests, extending from south-eastern Queensland to New South Wales to Victoria. The colour of wood ranges from light greyish brown to light cream, and even rich and luxurious chocolate brown. Speckled chewing gum usually creates a charming violin effect with its thick, wavy texture.

It is used in a wide range of structural and aesthetic applications such as hardwood shielding panels and is one of the most used in Australia. You can also find shades of olive green or red, as well as black rubber veins that accentuate the beauty of this tree. The heartwood ranges from light to dark brown, and the sapwood is much lighter in colour.

Incredibly beautiful – undeniably speckled bubble gum has some of the most attractive marks you can find on hardwood floors. It easily catches stains, paints and polishes, creating a very attractive surface. Spotted gums are used in construction, posts, furniture, and tool handles.

Some common uses include flooring, wood plaster, siding, pergola, and flooring. If the convenience of precast engineered flooring can better meet your needs, there are Hurford Australian Natives, Woodland Floating Timber Spotted Gum or Regency Advanced Engineered Timber Spotted Gum. By choosing Australian wood, laminate and mixed vinyl, you will find the right option for your flooring project. We also recommend that you check the high-quality styles of stained rubberwood flooring to get a first-hand experience of quality.

Therefore, if you are looking for the most suitable spotted gum flooring type for your home, please contact our professional team. Our family business is well-versed in everything from wood selection to restoration, and we are happy to work with customers to find the best flooring options for their houses. We have invested in our showroom to help you make an informed decision about which flooring to install. If you want to add hardwood floors to your home, please contact a Narangba Timbers expert immediately.

Parquet floors can be a great investment as they give your property a natural and timeless charm, warmth and luxury. Gum Pacific’s gorgeous finished solid wood flooring is an easier way to decorate your home with wood flooring. The natural density and durability allow for durable hardwood floors anywhere in the home.

In addition, stained rubber floors are naturally fire, moisture and termite resistant, and have been tested and approved for use in forest fire-prone areas without the need for additional fire protection treatments. Painted solid wood will naturally cost more than other synthetic flooring options.

You can use the table below to estimate the costs of your new floor, but we always recommend asking a professional flooring company for a quote to be sure of all the costs involved. Fortunately, thanks to our Stabilized Solid structure, we can pre-process all of our boards in the factory.

Wet mopping can provide deeper mopping on a less regular basis using a wood-friendly floor cleaner. In general, you should be careful not to use abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals, as these can damage the finish of the wood floor in the room. Do not use a steam mop as this will expose the floor to excess moisture.

Smoking takes this process a step further and deepens the colour of the wood itself. Ammonia reacts with natural tannins; the longer the wood is exposed, the darker the colour.

This makes it extremely versatile and usable as the shades will hide stains and also give your floors a great look. Since it is a native Australian species, it also has natural properties that make it resistant to dry and hot climates.

Spotted gum decking is also used in much heavier applications such as construction work at docks, railroad ties, bridges, timber and wishbones. Known for its beauty, strength and durability, it is the perfect addition to your home or outdoor outfit.