May 5, 2024

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Portable air compressors used in houses

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Portable air compressors are convenient and a practical utility with a perfect on the go size. Portable air compressors offer great benefits that you might not even realise. The best thing about portable compressors is the fact that you can have access to air on demand. Air compressors can do so much more than we give them credit for. Air can be used for hobbies like woodworking. It works well to clear out debris from under the hood of a car or in tight spaces you can’t quite get to. You can buy different attachments for your air compressor that will make it a multifunctional tool that has many uses.
Portable air compressors are small, quiet and fit well into the trunk of a car or sitting on a shed shelf. They are lightweight, which makes transporting them around easy.

Portable air compressors use air that has been compressed and stored inside a special tank which stays there until we use the machine. They can be used in many different ways, but most popular is using them at home for odd jobs around the house.

Just what can a domestic household portable air compressor do?

  • Pumping air into your tires is very common. It is a good idea to have one just in case you suffer a flat tire.
  • Inflating balloons for a celebration. Who wants to blow up tons of balloons manually?
  • Delivering oxygen to the human body, however, a particular type of portable air compressor is only suitable for delivery oxygen
  • Certain air conditioners will need to use air compressors as an energy source to help cool an area.
  • Specific engines can make use of portable air compressors to heat and cool systems
  • Scuba divers can use the oxygen delivery air compressors in their scuba kit
  • Portable compressors can be used to power different machinery
  • Air compressors can provide delivery power to equipment such as nail guns
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What type of portable air compressors can be used in home construction type work?

Rotary screw compressor: These are a typical compressor used widely in the market. This type works by filling air into a void that is located between two mated screws. As the screws are being turned the volume of air will be reduced, giving the result of the air pressure being increased. Most types of compressors will inject oil into the bearing and compression area. This procedure is done in order to lubricate and cool down the compressor and even to create a tight seal, so leaks are reduced.

Reciprocating compressors: This type of compressor is quite popular due to their high horsepower. The reciprocating compressors are a positive displacement compressor. It works by pushing air into a chamber and then reducing the volume of the area. It works in a more reverse mode to the internal combustion engines.

Rotary sliding vane compressor: Very similar to a piston and rotary compressor. Belonging to a constructive displacement section. The sump part is made up of a stator and eight blades. The rotor consists of an eccentric arrangement among the stator which goes on to form the moon shape between the ports. When the rotor starts up the compression will start also, and the volume will go into the intake port to a maximum then it will go down to an exhaust port. The oil will get injected into an intake part which will aid in lubrication, cool the machine and seal vanes.