May 5, 2024

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How to design a great office

When trying to find ways to boost productivity within the office, we think of technologies that can save time and increase our concentration levels. Did you know that your office design can play a huge role in how much work is getting done? When planning on increasing the value of any rental property, having an office space can increase the value proposition and make it more desirable for renters. Landlords invest in paying property management fees, homeowner insurance and many other fees for the home. It is therefore important to get the foundations of the home perfect to maximise return on investment

Here are a few tips that can help you to design a great office:

Do not create an office that is too open

In the workplace, it turns out that open office thing isn’t going so well. It seems that open offices are creating lower employee satisfaction levels, less productivity, higher levels of fatigue and stress. All these things are leading to staff taking more sick days. This idea also translates to a home office. If it is too open to the rest of the house, individuals trying to work or study can be easily distracted by children, guests and housemates. The space must work in with the design and layout of the home to create a peaceful environment. Thinking rooms are important for when individuals want some peace and quiet and just need to wind down for a few minutes.

Improve the lighting

If you are struggling to see properly, then you are not going to be working to your potential. Poor lighting causes headaches, stress, fatigue, eye strain and many other problems both mentally and physically. Improving the lighting in the office space is an easy and affordable thing that you can do to boost productivity. Allow plenty of outside light via windows with sheer curtains or even a skylight. When it is bright in the room, people feel energised and motivated. If there aren’t any windows or they are high up, consider installing some lighting that is bright and won’t cause any eye strain. Renters will really appreciate this. 

Raising the ceiling

If you are renovating an office space, consider raising the ceiling. Over time it has been shown that people prefer to work in rooms that have a higher ceiling. This allows for more creativity and free-thinking.

Paint the room

Colour has a huge effect on our productivity and emotions. Steer away from white. When it comes to efficiency and effectiveness, white seems to be the worst for this. Provide different coloured environments that are suited for work and study. Blue has been linked to productivity and green to creativity. Red works well for detail orientation; however, it has been linked to reducing analytical thinking. 

Controlling the noise level

Noise is one of the most common distractions, mainly in open offices with minimal furniture. Noise and distractions lead to a reduction in productivity, more stress, lower satisfaction, illness and other negative issues. Noise-cancelling headphones work well, or you can install a sound masking system that gets rid of unwanted sounds. Renters will be happy when they can focus in their home office. 

Go beyond safe design

One thing that is found to be the case in home offices is that there can be a lack of creativity and inspiration. When people walk in and see there are only white walls and boring storage spaces, they are going to be uninspired by the room. If you don’t already have one consider hiring an interior designer to help you out with the decor. Make sure that you do not make the room too cluttered and busy, otherwise, it can become a distraction.

It is not life-changing to just add a few changes to a home office, but it can be life-changing to renters. Property investment strategies revolve around maximising return on investment. By having the right set up, landlords will benefit financially.